Old Dominion Heat Trace

Thermal Protection for Critical Systems

There are a range of applications where preventing fluids in pipes from freezing – or maintaining a consistent temperature – is essential. Old Dominion Heat Trace brings years of experience and a proven track record to this critical system within your project.

Heat Tracing has long been part of our Insulation work, but we regularly heard our customers express a desire for a dedicated heat trace partner capable of adding expertise and best practices to this crucial aspect of the job. 

Old Dominion Heat Trace offers single source responsibility, providing a full range of services from design to material sourcing, project management, craft labor, and even scaffolding. We are ready to meet the complex needs of your project, no matter how big or small. 

Sector Expertise

  • Commercial & Retail Construction
  • Chemical & Ethanol Plants
  • Food Processing & Refrigeration
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Hospital & Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper Plants
  • Storage Tank Facilities
  • Waterworks & Water Treatment
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Multi-Family Residential

Heat Tracing Capabilities

  • Application Solutions (Freeze Protection or Process Maintain)
  • Design Support
  • Selection of Cable & Controls
    • Self-Regulating vs Constant Wattage vs MI Cable
    • On/Off vs Proportional SCR Control
    • Single Point or Multi-loop Panel
    • Local Indication or Remote Monitoring to BMS
  • Project Management
  • System Start Up and Commissioning
  • Test Report and other Documentation Deliverables
  • Onsite Training Support
  • Extended Warranty Considerations
  • Annual Service Agreements for Heat Tracing and Insulation Systems

We specialize in Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts for Heat Tracing and Insulation System. Contact us for more information.

Featured Projects


Market Sector: Mission Critical/Data Centers
Project Details/Scope: Installed a total of 4,000 Linear feet of heat trace cable servicing primarily CHWS&R pipe, Condensate, and ICW. The 4,000 Linear feet is running through 16 total circuits

Richmond International Airport Concourse A Expansion

Market Sector: Transportation Infrastructure
GC: W. M. Schlosser Company
Location: Sandston, Virginia
Project Detials/Scope: ODHT installed a heat trace system for rooftop HVAC piping systems that included 2,480 linear feet of heat trace and a heat trace control panel.

Metropolitan Park Phases 6, 7, 8

Sector: Commercial
General Contractor: Clark Construction
Subcontractor: W.E. Bowers, Inc.
Scope of Work: Heat Tracing for Below Grade and Rooftop HVAC and Plumbing Piping along with Underslab Heat Loss prevention.

Contracted to install 32,000 linear feet of heat trace cable for freeze protection and 16,000 linear feet of heat trace cable for heat loss prevention.

QTS Richmond DC2

Sector: Mission Critical/ Data Centers
General Contractor: DPR Construction
Subcontractor: ColonialWebb Contractors
Scope of Work: Heat Tracing for Ground and Rooftop HVAC Piping

Contracted to install 4,500 linear feet of heat trace cable for freeze protection, servicing chilled water and condensate water piping.

Regions Served

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